• provides nutrients for plants, aids in the early stage of development, stimulates growth; 
  • helps plants absorb nutrients, micro and macro, vitamins, carbohydrates; 
  • improves the yield structure of the biometric features and increases the yield; 
  • strengthens the immune system of plants, helping them to protect themselves against pests and diseases; 
  • spraying plants and / or treatment of seeds helps to reduce the use of pesticides by 30%; 
  • protects the plants from stress, cold, drought and excess moisture; 
  • helps plants prepare for winter and contributes to a better wintering; 


GROWO Vermicompost Extract is all natural and environmentally friendly that creates conditions for growing healthy food and feed. 

It helps you to save money, because it reduces the need to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, enriches the soil with nutrients, restores it, accelerates the organic waste recycling and mineralization. 

APPLICATION: For all crops and ornamental plants for growth promotion. Seeds, bulbs, tubers treatment before sowing and planting, soak in 100% GROWO Vermicompost Extract concentrate - bulbs and tubers - 1-3 hours; Legume seeds - 6 hours; radish, lettuce seeds - 12 hours; carrot, cucumber, pumpkin seeds - 24 hours. 

For plant roots and foliar spray, mix with water at a dilution rate of 1:80 or at 2 oz per gallon.

Watering the roots of plants throughout the growing season - 1 once a week; 

Transplanted plants, bushes, trees - 2 times a week;  

Perennials - 2 times a month;  

Lawns - 1 time per month. 

When used in conjunction with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, GROWO Vermicompost Extract does not lose its properties. 

Shake well prior to each use


Comply with the recommended dose 

Do not spray during strong wind or hot weather

After use, comply with the usual hygiene standards

GROWO Vermicompost Extract is safe for both humans and animals, as well as the soil flora and fauna

GROWO Vermicompost Extract has no quarantine time 

GROWO Vermicompost Extract is lab tested to ensure that each batch is free from E.coli and Salmonella

Growo Vermicompost Extract 1.5L - 6 Pack

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  • GROWO Vermicompost Extract 1.5 L - 6 Pack

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