Frequently asked questions

What is the shelf life of GROWO Vermicompost Extract?

2 years

Once the extract is mixed with water, how quickly do I need use the mixer vermicompost?

We recommend that you use any mixed portion of the extract within 48 hours.

Do I need to water after applying the vermicompost extract?

Yes, you should water the area within 48 hours of application.

What are the ideal storage conditions for the vermicompost extract?

We recommend storing the product out of direct sunlight. Storage temperatures between 40°F-85°F is ideal however we found that the extract can tolerate a much greater temperature range.

What would be the recommended dosage?

The answer varies depending on soil conditions and what you are growing. A general dilution recommendation would be 2oz per every gallon of water but again this is a very general application rate.

Does GROWO Vermicompost Extract have a strong smell to it?

No, this is an updated formula where nearly all the odor that many people find offensive has been removed. Many people have detected very little to no odor.

How can I become a retailer?

Please email sales@growonatural.com to inquire about becoming a retailer.

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